Lemur Conservation Coloring Book

Encouraging Malagasy Children in Conservation Issues


Recently I have been collaborating with lemur biologist Dr. Amber Walker-Bolton, University of Toronto, Scarborough, on a coloring and activity book for Malagasy students involved with her program called “The Red Book Challenge“. The Red Book Challenge provides conservation lessons and the delivery of school supplies and desks in southern Madagascar. This book is in both English and Malagasy and provides information on lemur behavior, natural history, and conservation issues, coloring pages and other educational activities. I just finished illustrating the book and it is off to the printer in time for Dr. Walker-Bolton’s upcoming research season in Berenty, Madagascar!
Please feel free to download the book (2018_ColoringBook_PDF) and share with children in your life – we are providing this book open source so that more students can learn about conservation issues facing the lemurs. (Note: to best view this book, in your Safari browser window right click and choose two page continuous, or in Adobe Reader, select View > Page Display > Two Page View).
If you would like to have hard copies to use in your own outreach opportunities, they are available at cost directly from Corporate Color Printing (www.4printing.net). Glossy cover, 41p (perforated for easy removal), English & Malagasy (Southern dialect). 50–$4.50each; 100–$4.43each; 200–$3.93each. Email request to: customerservice@4printing.net.
coloring book pdf
The Red Book Challenge: Lemur Conservation Colouring book was written by Dr. Amber Walker-Bolton and Kathy West, and illustrated by Kathy West, 2018.
Read more about the Red Book Challenge and the ongoing Malagasy student conservation programs here:

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