Conservation and Natural History Stories

PICC Background & Updates, 2022

by Kathy West I’m alarmed by the loss of biodiversity worldwide, but as a primatologist I’m particularly distressed with the dangerous rate of extinction facing primates. This crisis has only become more dire as the COVID-19 pandemic closed the borders to international visitors in March 2020 and one of the only eco-friendly source of income, […]

Building Conservation Capacity in Cambodian Communities

Story and Photos by Kathy West Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre, Cambodia. An effective and easily implemented model for community involvement and collaboration in protecting tropical forests, supporting biodiversity conservation and green tourism Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. Tuk tuk transportation from Siem Reap is a pleasant ride of around 1.5 hours. The […]

Madagascar: A Story of Conservation Hope Through Education

Story and Photos by Kathy West There is a supernatural ambiance to Madagascar’s incredibly diverse habitats, rich species biodiversity, implausibly-unique animals, strange drought tolerant plants, and stunningly beautiful landscapes. Pre-pandemic, ecotourists came in droves from around the world to see the lemurs and discover for themselves the tiniest chameleon in the world, Brookesia nana, the […]

A California Treasure: Conserved

In a small corner of Northern California’s central valley, parched brown fields lie tucked between gently rolling farmlands. For 5 months of the year, the area is pleasant but unremarkable. Surrounded by small towns and agriculture, most people drive by without knowing about the treasures lying just over the fence line. Then, coming over the […]


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