Dr. Cortni Borgerson

Kathy West with PICC students, Suriname

“Kathy has not only captured incredible and compelling imagery, but she has spent the last two years working to empower the children in Malagasy communities to become dedicated conservationists. I have watched these kids learn an exciting new way to ‘capture’ the wildlife around them. Further, she has truly worked with village elders in way where they feel that their story is heard, and that their children can now make images and share their own local knowledge – empowering them to speak for their own wildlife, instead of seeing it on the page described in foreign languages and writings. This has created the type of relationship that has allowed for her to share locally appropriate conservation solutions to human-driven conservation concerns to these communities in effective and exciting ways, including numerous educational programs over the past few years. Kathy not only empowers the international community to care about lemurs, she empowers local communities to save them.

Cortni Borgerson, PhD, National Geographic (Explorer and Expert), Wildlife Conservation Society, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Madagascar Primate Specialist group, MAHERY, and the Madagascar Biodiversity Center