Welcome to Kathy West Studios

Creating Images of the Natural World for Scholarship and Conservation

As a wildlife and conservation photographer, I create images to not simply see an animal but to have an insight into its life, a deeper understanding of its behavior and how it relates to its world. Through sharing my images, I hope to bring a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world in order to engage people in conservation action.

Kathy’s work is utterly wonderful, reflecting outstanding technical expertise, extensive training in biology, and a special knack for capturing details, a talent I suppose must come from some deep love of natural history. My regard for Kathy’s award-winning work is all the higher because of her commitment to conservation, especially through education.Harry W. Greene

Check out and download free children’s coloring books on primate conservation: Berenty, Madgascar edition 2019; Masoala, Madgascar 2020 edition; Azuero Panama 2021 edition; and Bwindi Mountain Gorilla 2022 edition, and updates to my children’s conservation program here. Contact me if you’re interested in developing a children’s outreach activity book customized for your research site, species, and conservation issues.

Kathy not only empowers the international community to care about lemurs, she empowers local communities to save them.Cortni Borgerson

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