Outreach Services

Outreach Services

Female baboon scolding playful infant

I look forward to applying my outreach skills and a diverse communications portfolio to help you bring a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation of science and the natural world.

• Weaving images with text that is written in an accessible style to engage the lay public and communicate your science

• Using social media as an effective means to both educate the public, granting agencies and other stakeholders, and also to attract young scientists to your program

Outreach and communication services are available in the field or through the internet. Contact me for details.

Select online services

Weekly Blog

Daily web photo post with descriptive legend

Social media postings (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, etc.)

• Outreach articles for grant proposals, presentations, journal articles, etc.

Videos (interviews and research); onsite field production and posting available

Petrel dancing on water