Photography & Outreach Services

For Scientific Research, Communications and Conservation

KathyWestStudios©; WildlifeComedy2017, 12
A Galapagos fur seal pup calls to its mother. ©Kathy West Studios 2017

My unique skills, experience and education allow me to provide valuable photography, outreach and illustration services to assist in research, journal publications, public outreach and grant proposals. I can help with communicating your research to reveal your science to your funding organization and engage the public.

Photography. My scientific background, field experience, and knowledge of animal behavior allows me to capture unique images that can communicate your science to your audience.

Scientific Illustration and Graphics Services. For 40 years I have provided scientific illustrations and graphics for a broad range of research and conservation projects, from molecular concepts to ecosystems. I create quality and accurate scientific, natural science, and medical illustrations for clients in government, private business, and nonprofit organizations.

Outreach. Through my extensive experience in outreach I can help you to develop an engaging, discipline-specific education and outreach activities program to communicate your research.

Together, we can promote your science with compelling images for your publications, grant proposals, and public outreach – communicating to and engaging with scientific, funding, and general audiences.