Professional Services

Outreach and Images for Scientific Research and Conservation

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A Galapagos fur seal pup calls to its mother

My distinctive set of skills, experience and education makes me singularly poised to provide valuable photographic, outreach and illustration services to assist in research, journal publications, public outreach and grant proposals. I can assist with promoting your research by providing images and outreach to reveal your science to your funding organization and to engage the public.

Photography. As a photographer, I have extensive experience in creating images in low light and difficult field conditions. My scientific background and knowledge of animal behavior allows me to capture unique images that can communicate your science to your audience.

Scientific Illustration and Graphics Services. For almost 40 years I have provided scientific illustrations and graphics for a broad range of research and conservation projects, from molecular concepts to ecosystems. I create quality and accurate scientific, natural science, and medical illustrations for clients in government, private business, and nonprofit organizations.

Malagasy children receive their lemur conservation books, 2018

Outreach. Through my extensive experience in outreach I can help you to develop an engaging, discipline-specific education and outreach activities program to communicate your research.

Grant Applications. Engaging images and outreach strategies to communicate your science to the lay public are crucial components of a successful grant application. Granting agencies such as the National Science Foundation are requiring outreach – “broader impacts” – as part of the application process and NIH is increasingly focused on educating the public to understand the science being conducted by their grantees.

The NSF Broader Impacts Review defines the goals to “Broaden dissemination to enhance scientific and technological understanding, by presenting results of research and education projects in formats useful to students, scientists and engineers, members of Congress, teachers, and the general public.”

 Please contact me if you have questions about tailoring an image set or outreach program to your specific needs.  I look forward to learning about your science and creatively constructing new outreach materials that will communicate the value of your research.